Regenerative Agriculture Day in Santa Fe

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Local to New Mexico lunch sponsored by:

Watch the presentations by Dr. Christine Jones on our youtube channel!

Location NM State Land Office auditorium, 310 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe.

Parking at the PERA Building, 33 Plaza La Prensa, Santa Fe.

Public transport
Coming from the South: 15 minute walk from Railrunner station (Santa Fe Depot) or catch the free shuttle Santa Fee Pickup.
Coming from the North: 5 minute walk from North Central Regional Transit (fare-free), bus stop Old Santa Fe Trail & Paseo de Peralta.

SOIL ECOLOGIST DR. CHRISTINE JONES offers an accessible, inspiring perspective to the pressing worldwide challenge of restoring topsoil. Over several decades, Christine has worked with innovative farmers and ranchers implementing regenerative land management practices that enhance biodiversity, nutrient cycling, carbon sequestration, productivity, water quality and community and catchment health. Following a highly respected career in public sector R&D, Christine founded Amazing Carbon and organized a series of ‘Managing the Carbon Cycle’ forums to promote the benefits of soil carbon. In recent years she has gained international recognition as a speaker, presenting at workshops, field days, seminars and conferences throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Western Europe, Central America, USA and Canada on carbon and nitrogen dynamics in agricultural systems. 

 Article: SOS Save Our Soils, Acres Magazine
 Article: Liquid Carbon Pathway Unrecognized
 Christine Jones featured on The Planet to Plate Podcast:

Show notes

01:45 The amazing and mostly unknown ecosystem of healthy soil 
02:50 health, productivity and  quality of our food depends on how much life and diversity is in the soil.
04:30 “Soil is a village”: a community of microbes with different functions.
05:55 “Overweight but undernourished”, conventionally grown food lacking in trace minerals and micro-nutrients
07:50 Nitrate is a carcinogen that’s polluting ground water
09:11 Domino effect of problems when soil health is not prioritized
10:52 Transitioning from chemical ag -restoring soil -diversity is key
13:00 Cover crops
17:00 Mother Nature is not tidy
19:20 Social barriers to change
23:52 Carbon markets versus improved farm economics through soil health
27:45 Inorganic vs. organic Nitrogen –big difference!
28:50 Transitioning takes time –weaning the farm off of chemicals over the course of three years

 Thank you to our event sponsors:

13 Responses

  1. Sigmund Silber

    I will try to attend

  2. Patricia Cardona

    I plan on attending the conference

  3. admin

    Got you both noted as RSVP. Thank you for your interest!

  4. Lucas

    Is there an agenda/itinerary for this event?


    • admin

      Hi Lucas, we will post an agenda closer to the date, but generally the day is structured as a back and forth between short presentations by Dr. Jones and community dialogue in small groups. The following topics will be addressed: What is healthy soil? Soil biology quick primer – Soil health and human/herd health, nutrition – Soil and water (evaporation, small water cycle, infiltration) – Field notes and farm economics – Bigger picture: soil health, carbon and its relation to climate change. Hope this helps!

  5. Don King

    Hi my name is Don King, I am on the waiting list and would like to attend and participate. I’m a farm and ranch owner/ operater in southern Santa Fe County transitioning into adaptive grazing/ adaptive stewardship for healthy soil. Is there any spaces availabile?

    • admin

      Hi Don –We received your sign-up and will be in touch as soon as a space opens up. Thank you for your interest and for your good work!

  6. Susie Martin

    Hi, my name is Susie Martin. I am on the waiting list and very much interested in attending the event. I am a farmer and a rancher,

    • admin

      Hi Susie,

      We’d love to have you, but as of now, the event is at capacity. We’ll be in touch should a space open up! Thank you so much for your interest –and for your good work!

  7. Kate barrere

    I’m looking for some names of regenerative food growers in northern NM so I can help them by consuming their harvest. Do you have such a thing with emails and/or websites?

    Thank you!

    • admin

      Working on it! In the meantime, Farmers Markets are a good place to start. So important to support our growers, thank you for doing your part!

  8. Ashley Mills

    Hi, how to I get started as a regenerative farmer or just help educate our local farmers on the soil health I’m from Los Lunas and just watched a Netflix documentary “Kiss the Ground” I’d really like to help this is better than trying to exploit more of our natural resources to try and reduce global warming when, the answer has been in our soil and help from animals this whole time. I’m so happy NM has Dr. Christine Jones and this organization I’ve been passionate about the environment as a kid I’m also a plant based person from the products I use to what I eat. Can’t wait to help!

    • admin

      That’s great, Ashley –thank you for your passion and we’ll be in touch!

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