How to apply for the NM Healthy Soil Program

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The Healthy Soil Working Group partnered with the NM Department of Agriculture (NMDA) in this informational webinar about the New Mexico Healthy Soil Program. NMDA presents an overview of the program and the new RFP, released July 31, 2020. A live Q&A is followed by a brief introduction to conservation planning.

For more information or to download a streamlined, fillable application, visit the NMDA Healthy Soil Program website.

Sign up here for conservation planning with Jeff Goebel, NM Healthy Soil Working Group.

Show notes from the webinar [time stamp in brackets]:

  • Katie Goetz and Dean Bruce, NMDA:
    How New Mexico farmers, ranchers and eligible entities can apply for a grant to improve soil health
  • The 2019 Healthy Soil Act [01:45]
  • Key components of the Healthy Soil Program:
    • 5 soil health principles [02:55]
    • Eligible entities [04:03]
    • Why must farmers and ranchers apply through an eligible entity?
      The anti-donation clause of the New Mexico Constitution [04:50]
  • How the application and notification process flows [06:00]
  • Numbers from NMDA’s Healthy Soil Grants Program [08:50]
  • A sampling of projects funded in FY 2019-2020 [10:13]
  • Applicant requirements
    • Proof of the applicant’s relationship to the land [11:05]
    • A conservation plan [12:15]
    • 25% match [15:50]
    • Outreach component [17:50]
  • Program improvements based on the pilot year
    • Streamlined application [18:45]
    • Two deadlines [21:00]
      August 31 at 5pm –Deadline for individual farmers and ranchers to submit applications to Eligible Entities
      October 8 at 5pm –Deadline for Eligible Entities to submit farmer and rancher applications, as well as their own, to NMDA
    • Eligible and ineligible expenses [23:20]
  • Your next steps as an applicant… [28:45]
  • Q&A [31:15]
  • Jeff Goebel, NM Healthy Soil Working Group: conservation planning framework [55:00]

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