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Kathy Voth, the creator of the popular subscription based newsletter and grazing resource On Pasture, retired in 2022. For nine and a half years, she published practical information for graziers to become more sustainable and profitable. As a passing gift, Kathy turned this treasure trove of 2,500 archived articles into an Open Access library, now available to peruse and use online free of charge!

Here’s Kathy in her own words:

I was inspired to create On Pasture by a very uninspiring speech. A scientist was describing the results of his research to a room full of graziers and though what he’d learned was something very helpful to them, his scientific explanations were not reaching them.

It was a problem I’d seen over and over again. Scientists and graziers speak different languages, so some really beneficial practices weren’t being adopted. I decided I needed to do something about that. So, On Pasture was born.

Almost every week for the last nine and a half years, On Pasture has translated science and experience into practices graziers can use. We’ve also done some myth-busting from time to time. Is keyline plowing a helpful practice? Does raw milk and compost tea really grow more grass? Can grazing really sequester more carbon in the soil? What about soil balancing and brix measurement? These are just a few of the practices we’ve covered with an eye towards helping you keep more money in your pocket.

You can simply browse the library by topic, ranging from climate change to grazing management to soil health and much more. Download useful resources such as grazing planning charts and instructions. Find information on marketing, ecosystem services and succession planning.

To help navigate the archive, Kathy also put together a collection of free ebooks that bundle articles and resources related to a specific topic, for example Grazing 101. The On Pasture library is a place where you can find answers to questions, or just read a little for fun and inspiration (there’s a section called The Funnies).

Head on over to On Pasture now to explore the library and if you find it useful, make sure to leave a tip to ensure this amazing resource will be available for free in the future.

Thank you, Kathy, for your good work and we wish you a well deserved, joyful retirement!

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