NMDA’s Healthy Soil Program now open for Individual Applicants!

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Photo by I. Jenniches CC BY 2.0

Grants to improve soil health are the centerpiece of the Healthy Soil Program administered by the New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA). Every year, NMDA awards grants to implement on-the-ground projects that implement one or more of the five soil health principles, stated as follows in the legislative Act that created the program:

  1. keeping soil covered
  2. minimizing soil disturbance on cropland and minimizing external inputs
  3. maximizing biodiversity
  4. maintaining a living root
  5. integrating animals into land management, including grazing animals, birds, beneficial insects or keystone species, such as earthworms

INDIVIDUAL APPLICANTS: Apply between February 17 and April 21, 2023

Individual Applicants include individuals, businesses, and nonprofits directly engaged in farming, ranching, and other forms of land management.

Interested to apply for the Healthy Soil Program but unsure how to come up with a project? This webinar is for you:

Caring for the land in a harsher climate

Monday, February 20, 2023 t 5:30-6:30pm MT

As the weather gets more extreme, how do we care for our soil, plants and water? What is our connection to this changing landscape? Amidst drought and degeneration, where do we see opportunities and abundance? How do we best practice observation and experimentation? And what (if anything) does the land ask us to do?

Based on 30 years of work experience in New Mexico, Jan-Willem Jansens of Ecotone Landscape Planning will share choices, principles and practices for landscape-scale, comprehensive, ecological planning.

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