The CS Ranch in Colfax County will become an outdoor classroom to teach adaptive stewardship grazing and soil health-focused management practices, led by the Soil Health Academy (SHA).

The SHA school will feature instruction by Gabe Brown, Alejandro Carrillo, Allen Williams, Ph.D. and other technical consultants, all of whom are widely considered to be among the most preeminent pioneers, innovators and advocates in today’s soil health and regenerative agricultural movement.

Topics covered during the three-day school:

  • The Principles of Soil Health & Adaptive Stewardship
  • Restoring Vibrant Ecosystems Through Adaptive Grazing
  • Making Grazing Highly Profitable & Desirable
  • Multi-species Grazing Strategies
  • Successful Marketing: Strategies for Enhanced Net Margins
  • The Economics and Finances of Grazing: Using Decision Calculators Effectively
  • How to Lay Out Practical and Flexible Grazing Plans
  • Scholarships are available for qualifying farmers and ranchers to attend this event.
    → Apply for a scholarship at: Applications will be reviewed by the SHA board 45 days prior to the school.
  • Full Time College Student will receive $200 discount
    → Call 256-996-3142 for coupon code
  • With a paid registration at $1275, one immediate family member will receive a $200 discount
    → Call 256-996-3142 for coupon code