Organized by the Drought Learning Network, facilitated by Caiti Steele, SW Climate Hub and Katie Goetz, NM Department of Agriculture (NMDA).


Jimmy Emmons will talk about his “soil health system” and recent projects on his farm. Jimmy and his family own and manage 2,000 cropland acres and 5,000 rangeland acres in Dewey County, OK. 

Steve Kadas, USDA NRCS, will talk about soil structure and the dynamics of how water is stored in or lost from soils.

Webinar participants will have the opportunity to discuss soil health questions, challenges and solutions with Jimmy and Steve.

Drought and “Nonsoon” update:

Dr. Dave Dubois will present on the seasonal outlooks for NM and discuss why we have a Nonsoon this year. Dave is the State Climatologist for New Mexico, Director of the New Mexico Climate Center, and Associate College Professor at New Mexico State University.