The National gathering will focus on farmers and ranchers in New Mexico regionally and nationally with its partners from National Resources Conservation Service, USDA, regarding farm operations, access to USDA resources, farm numbers and conservation planning. The conference will address technical issues and concerns of its members by conducting solution oriented, recorded workshops on:

  • Conservation stewardship
  • Acequias
  • Native & traditional agriculture
  • Heirloom seed saving
  • Traditional food systems regeneration
  • Farm land protection initiatives
  • Arts & agriculture
  • Value added production
  • Agricultural Cooperatives
  • Hemp
  • Threats of genetically engineered seeds & trees in the US and New Mexico.

If any accommodations are needed, please contact The Isleta Resort and Casino direct at 505-848-1999 and useĀ reference code: RES ID NLF1019 or use this link forĀ online reservations.