Free webinar by Ranch Management Consultants:
Planned Grazing, as a grazing management discipline, is an effective way to drive your triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. In this 30-minute webinar, Dallas Mount from RMC and Bart Davidson from MaiaGrazing come together to discuss how planned grazing is a proven method to gain economic leverage while respecting the health of our landscapes.

What you’ll learn:
● The ‘3 Secrets of Increasing Profit’, and how good grazing practices impacts your bottom line
● How planned grazing as a grazing management method can leverage existing overheads more effectively over land holdings expansion
● Ways to balance infrastructure development costs with expected returns

Dallas Mount, Ranch Management Consultants (RMC)
Bart Davidson, MaiaGrazing

Length of webinar:
30-min webinar session in total
● 20-min Q&A with Dallas and Bart, including a case study by Dallas
● 10-min Audience question time

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