Join the NM Acequia Assocation for an online plática about the acequia tradition of sharing water, known as repartimiento. This will be first in a series of online pláticas, or dialogues, focused on water sharing customs and practices among acequias.

For centuries in New Mexico, the customs and traditions of water sharing have been vital to the well-being of communities, providing water through the principle of equity and keeping peaceful relations with neighboring families and communities.

It has never been more important for the acequia community to dig deep into our cultural memory to remember the generations of teachings about the importance of sharing water and to be mindful of the scarcity of water that we rely upon for our survival.

Featured speakers will be Levi Romero, New Mexico Poet Laureate, and Gilbert Sandoval, President of the Jemez River Basin Coalition of Acequias. David Garcia, cultural historian and musician, will share music and insight.