The Quivira Coalition invites you to learn together about tools that are being developed to monitor, evaluate, and plan around soil health, including LandPKS, COMET, FarmOS, and others.

The first watch party of the year is focused on LandPKS. The LandPKS app is free to download here.

The app was created to put information on climate, soils, and vegetation into the hands of ranchers, farmers, land managers, and land use planners across the globe, and to allow them to characterize these attributes of their own land. LandPKS app has three input modules: LandCover, LandManagement, and LandInfo. LandCover helps users monitor vegetation change, LandManagement is for tracking basic agri-cultural outputs and inputs, and LandInfo uses short, animated, and icon-based tutorials to help the user characterize soil properties and limitations. It connects users to cloud-based storage, global databases, and models, and it provides a system for storing and accessing user data and for sharing data, information, and knowledge.