The Xerces Society and New Mexico State University present this Summer 2020 NMSU Webinar Series:

The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation and New Mexico State University are partnering to bring you a six-part weekly webinar series on pollinator and beneficial insect conservation in northern New Mexico. This series will help you get to know the bees and other helpful bugs in your backyards and on farms in New Mexico. It will also cover designing and planting healthy habitat to support those insects and protecting pollinators from pesticides. Please join us!

June 23: Pollinators of Northern New Mexico: How to Identify and Conserve the Bees in your Backyard

June 30: Helpful Bugs of Northern New Mexico: How to Identify and Conserve Beneficial Insects for Pest Control

July 7: Conserving Bees in Your Backyard: How to Create Habitat for New Mexico Pollinators in Small Spaces

July 14: Attracting and Supporting Crop Pollinators on New Mexico Farms and Ranches

July 21: Integrating Pollinators and Pest Management in New Mexico Gardens and Farms

July 28: Ask Me Anything: New Mexico Pollinator and Beneficial Insect Expert Roundtable