The NM Healthy Soil Working Group is a grassroots advocacy group. Teamwork, coalition-building and consensus are key tenets of our process and we use policy as an effective change-making and organizing tool.

Our mission is to achieve rapid adoption of healthy soil principles, resulting in greater ecological and human well being, significant water infiltration, rural prosperity, and climate resilient communities. We support land managers by offering resources, building coalitions, and advancing consensus based soil stewardship, while creating favorable government policy and raising active awareness in our civil society.

Founding members

Christina Allday-Bondy: As one of the first New Mexico Soil Health Champions herself, Christina is passionate about growing this network, initiated by the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD), facilitating peer-to-peer learning and educating the public at large about soil health.

Jeff Goebel brings forty years of experience in consensus building, conflict resolution and holistic decision making to this effort. He is dedicated to catalyzing positive change and regenerative solutions within groups ranging from non-profits to government agencies, universities and multinational corporations to small family ranches and farms.

Robb Hirsch recognizes that the health of food, the health of our families and the health of the planet are all directly connected to the health of the soil. As lead legislative liaison of the NM Healthy Soil Working Group and with a talent for diplomacy, he knows his way around the Roundhouse.

Isabelle Jenniches is a skilled community organizer who draws from her experience in policy-making and farmer-to-farmer education. An accomplished artist with a background in theater and design, she acts as the group’s webmaster and outreach coordinator.