The NM Healthy Soil Working Group is a grassroots advocacy group. Teamwork, coalition-building and consensus are key tenets of our process.

Our mission is to achieve rapid adoption of healthy soil principles, resulting in greater ecological and human well being, significant water infiltration, rural prosperity, and climate resilient communities. We build the movement and support land managers by offering resources, peer-to-peer learning and networking, and advancing consensus based soil stewardship while creating favorable government policy and raising active awareness in our civil society.

Core team:

Robb Hirsch recognizes that the health of food, the health of our families and the health of the planet are all directly connected to the health of the soil. As lead legislative liaison of the NM Healthy Soil Working Group and with a talent for diplomacy, he knows his way around the Roundhouse.

Isabelle Jenniches is a skilled community organizer with experience in policy and farmer-to-farmer education. Drawing from her background in theater and design, she attends to storytelling, communications and outreach as well as program development.

Claudia Reynoso is tending land her dad purchased in a beautiful pocket of the Carson National Forest. A passionate and effective educator, she works with volunteers and youth to promote soil health stewardship and helps farmers and ranchers take advantage of funding opportunities for conservation.