NM Healthy Soil Working Group (or NM Healthy Soil for short) commenced in the fall of 2018 as an alliance of grassroots advocates working to enact New Mexico’s Healthy Soil Act which supports land managers in soil stewardship through grants, technical assistance and education.

In addition to our policy work, we provide an array of tools and services to assist farmers and ranchers in the transition to better soil health and regenerative agriculture with the goal of becoming both economically successful and ecologically sound.

As a statewide, grassroots organization NM Healthy Soil takes a teamwork approach to facilitating a healthy and equitable food system. Partnerships, coalition-building and consensus are key tenets of our process. About half of our network consists of agricultural producers and the other half comprises educators, consumers, rural and urban residents, and members of Indigenous communities.

We build the movement and support land managers by offering resources, peer-to-peer learning and networking. We’re advancing consensus based soil stewardship while creating favorable government policy and raising active awareness in our civil society.

It is our mission to achieve rapid adoption of healthy soil principles, resulting in greater ecological and human well being, significant water infiltration, rural prosperity, and climate resilient communities.

A grassroots nonprofit organization, NM Healthy Soil is fiscally sponsored by the Climate Change Leadership Institute (CCLI). For donations, please use the CCLI portal and add a note to make sure the donation goes to NM Healthy Soil. Thank you!


Robb Hirsch acts as lead legislative liaison and facilitates the bridge loan program for awardees of the New Mexico Department of Agriculture’s Healthy Soil Program. Robb recognizes that the health of food, the health of our families and the health of the planet are all directly connected to the health of the soil.

Isabelle Jenniches co-founded the New Mexico Healthy Soil Working Group in 2018 which led to the successful passage of the state’s Healthy Soil Act in 2019. As a community organizer, her main focus is in policy, movement building and farmer-to-farmer education. Drawing from an extensive background in the arts, she now applies her skills to storytelling, communications and outreach as well as program development and coordination.