NM Healthy Soil Working Group

The NM Healthy Soil Working Group is assembling a powerful network of agriculture and conservation organizations, urban and rural residents, consumers and producers alike, with the goal to significantly accelerate soil health stewardship in the state. We aim to catalyze widespread adoption of management principles that result in greater soil health and associated co-benefits, creating prosperous and strong land based communities, nutritious food, a healthy environment and a viable future for our planet.

NM Healthy Soil Blog

Keep Soil Covered

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Here in New Mexico, maximizing soil cover is one of the most important steps toward achieving a healthy soil. Part one in our mini-series on the soil health principles by NM State Agronomist... READ MORE

Minimizing Disturbance

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Agriculture itself is sometimes referred to as “disturbance ecology,” because to grow most of our food and fiber crops, we need to alter the natural soil environment through disturbance of some sort. Learn... READ MORE

Maximizing Living Roots

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Join NM State Agronomist Mark Kopecky in learning about the amazing interactions between roots that are actually growing and soil organisms! READ MORE

Maximizing Biodiversity

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We know that there are more living organisms in a single spoonful of soil than there are people on earth, and we’re learning more all the time about how important these organisms are... READ MORE

Integrating Animals

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Grazing results in ecological benefits beyond what’s possible without livestock, and it’s also an important economic component to soil health systems for all ranchers and many farmers. READ MORE