NM Healthy Soil Working Group

The NM Healthy Soil Working Group is assembling a powerful network of agriculture and conservation organizations, urban and rural residents, consumers and producers alike, with the goal to significantly accelerate soil health stewardship in the state. We aim to catalyze widespread adoption of management principles that result in greater soil health and associated co-benefits, creating prosperous and strong land based communities, nutritious food, a healthy environment and a viable future for our planet.

New Mexico Healthy Soil Blog

Cattle are part of the climate solution

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A conversation with rangeland ecologist Richard Teague, PhD, analyzing the role that adaptive multi-paddock cattle grazing plays in sequestering carbon. By Jennifer Hayden, PhD, originally published on the Rodale Institute Blog. READ MORE

Kiss the Ground

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Feature-length movie exploring key soil health and regenerative agricultural principles debuts on Netflix starting September 22! Join the global watch party on opening night and peek behind the scenes in this interview with... READ MORE

Make soil!

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MakeSoil is a nonprofit online platform that matches ‘Soil Makers’ (people who compost) with nearby ‘Soil Supporters’ (people who contribute scraps). READ MORE


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While we must work collectively towards a more equitable and beneficial food system, there are concrete steps you can do today to place soil health at the center of your business and gain... READ MORE