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Online conversations on soil health

Our guests start with a short presentation, followed by conversation with participants.

Toby and Kimberly Bostwick farm near Melrose, NM, and have been in agriculture for over 25 years:

“The land has been a blessing to us in various ways, including the provision of a nurturing environment to raise our family. Despite our love for the area and the land, we have spent many days watching the soil blow away, crops wither and die in the field, combines run through the field knowing our yield wouldn’t cover our expenses, and heavy rainfall running out of our field. We recently discovered a possible answer to our dilemma. We hope to support and promote a method that will increase sustainability and profitability for our agricultural community. It requires an entirely new mindset (for us) in regard to farming, and old habits are hard to break. We are committed to working with the amazing ecosystem God created for us, rather than against it.”

In 2019, the Bostwicks were awarded an NMDA Healthy Soil Program Grant to assist in implementing their soil health goals. They will share how they successfully used bale grazing, adaptive high stocking rates with temporary fencing and mobile water systems and other methods to regenerate their farm- and rangeland.

  • When: Wednesday October 5, 2022 at 5:30 – 6:30 pm MT (note that this event has been moved to Wednesday)
  • Where: Online via Zoom