Land Access

Creating an Agrarian Commons in New Mexico

In partnership with the Agrarian Trust, Naya’s Refuge and Chihuahuan Desert Charities, NM Healthy Soil is creating an Agrarian Commons in New Mexico.

Agrarian Trust has developed an innovative and robust model of shared land ownership in which agriculture, social and environmental justice, community well-being, and ecological stewardship are fundamentally intertwined.

Beyond solely conserving land, the Agrarian Commons is focused on ensuring economic opportunities and food security for its community. By holding land to provide long-term, affordable and secure lease tenure to farmers and ranchers for regenerative agriculture, the Agrarian Commons is strengthening local food and ecosystems at the same time.

Reparative justice: The Agrarian Commons centers people who have been marginalized from access to land in communities that have been subject to extraction and exploitation.
→ Learn more about how the Agrarian Commons model creates equity.

Climate resilience: The Agrarian Commons actively stewards and protects biodiverse ecosystems, including healthy soil and watersheds.
→ Learn more about the principles guiding the Agrarian Commons.

Land donations: Leave a legacy for future generations by donating your land to the New Mexico Agrarian Commons.
→ Learn how a land gift works

Image: Agrarian Trust

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