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Online conversations on soil health

Author, educator and soil sponge strategist Didi Pershouse starts with a short presentation, followed by conversation with participants.

Didi Pershouse is the author of The Ecology of Care: Medicine, Agriculture, Money, and the Quiet Power of Human and Microbial Communities and Understanding Soil Health and Watershed Function. She is known for her ability to reveal the complex science of living systems through clear examples and vivid images. She travels widely in North America, Europe and India as a speaker and workshop leader, and was one of five speakers at the United Nations-FAO World Soil Day in 2017.

Both online and in-person, her participatory workshops engage farmers and ranchers, policy makers, investors, and scientists in systems thinking and deep listening, to allow for emergent strategies. Her warm facilitation style brings conservatives and liberals together into effective working groups with common goals: improving soil health, public health, water security, and regional resilience through simple changes in land management.

She is the founder of the Land and Leadership Initiative and the Center for Sustainable Medicine. She is a member of the Vermont State appointed Payment For Ecosystem Services and Soil Health Working Group and is on the board of directors of the Soil Carbon Coalition and the Vermont Healthy Soils Coalition.

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  • Recorded: Tuesday June 16, 2020 5:30pm MT
  • Where: Online via Zoom