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Online conversations on soil health

In this Special Edition, members of the Healthy Soil Working Group shared their own SOIL STORIES:

Being part of the land from who we are, where we live and the gratitude we need to give.

I am a rancher and I know that we influence soil with each daily decision we make.

“Second year farm transitioning to a healthy soil philosophy through land reclamation and strategic partnerships.”

“Farming diversified vegetables and raising small livestock on occupied Tiwa land, striving to build soil health while also paying the bills!”

Trying to save the school orchard by digging bowls, sinking sponges, planting cover crops and mulching.

soil nerd!

I am a soil microbiologist and a soil scientist and loved playing with soil as a child and working with it in my profession.

soil gardener for 60 years

Rehabilitating land from livestock and fire damage into land for native plants, animals, and food production.

native new mexican, lover of soil

I learned some things about healthy soil when I operated a landscaping company.

I’m a big believer in the criticality of regenerative agriculture to rebuild our soils.

Working on a training and therapy farm for disabled veterans wanting to learn as much about having a healthy relationship with our soil as possible.

  • Recorded: Tuesday December 15, 2020 at 5:30 pm MT
  • Where: Online via Zoom