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Phoebe Suina is the founder and owner of High Water Mark, LLC (HWM), which works with NM communities, Tribes, and Pueblos on a variety of issues and initiatives from environmental policy, land acquisition, planning, infrastructure, and how governmental (Federal, State, and Local) policies, laws and priorities affect Tribal communities. Suina has over 20 years of experience providing technical, regulatory, and project management expertise to construct and implement utility projects, hazard mitigation projects, flood mitigation, environmental remediation initiatives, water infrastructure, and emergency and disaster recovery projects.

She works to address infrastructure projects and watershed initiatives by utilizing a consensus-based approach that incorporates traditional and local knowledge with science-based planning, engineering, and project management solutions. Her traditional Pueblo background is complemented by formal training in environmental engineering and project management. She received a Bachelor of Engineering in Environmental Engineering from Dartmouth College and a Master of Engineering Management from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College. With this background of “tradition plus science,” she has successfully managed multi- million dollar infrastructure projects and initiatives for Los Alamos National Laboratory, Pueblo communities, and NM cities and towns.

Ms. Suina is active in Pueblo cultural activities and is rooted in her Pueblo communities of Cochiti and San Felipe Pueblos. She has a deep-rooted understanding, respect for and love of water, which drives her work in the stewardship of water. Her consensus-based approach incorporates traditional, cultural and local knowledge and includes initiatives that engage local leadership and support resilience.

  • When: Tuesday June 14, 2022 at 5:30 – 6:30 pm MT
  • Where: Online via Zoom