An opportunity to look deeper at our inter-connection with the earth through the lens of a forest ecosystem

Join us for a tour of Carl Struck & Johanne Riddick’s 40 acre forest at 8,500′ in Taos County. Managed for the past 30+ years for bio-diverse sustainability and more recently incorporating the lessons of regenerative agriculture, we’ll see how chipping slash instead of burning it can provide a valuable product used to achieve numerous ecosystem goals. Try your hand and learn what’s involved with chipping slash. Bring ear and eye protection for a short course in chipper safety. 

During a picnic lunch around the pond, we’ll see what “el agua es vida” means in a Ponderosa forest and talk about how constructing a wildlife pond has supported several micro habitats. Peeking into the fungal forest beneath our feet, we’ll hunt for and identify various mushrooms, discussing their role in the forest ecosystem and their culinary qualities. We’ll share how making compost in the forest with wood chips, bio-char, alfalfa, chicken droppings, etc. etc. works… and what the challenges are to gardening in this sometimes harsh environment.

It’s monsoon season so dress accordingly. Sorry, no dogs!

Read about the wildlife pond on our blog

This field day is a collaboration between the Seeding Regenerative Agriculture Project and NM Healthy Soil.