Join us at Villanueva Fields, a farm on the Pecos River, for some or all of a field weekend focussed on cover crop strategies and techniques.

High summer is the time for planting fall and overwintering cover crops, but it’s hot! So we’ll come up to speed on the how and why of our cover crop seed and soil plan during Saturday’s 4 to 6pm workshop. During Sunday’s 8 to 11am workshop we’ll review tools such as the BCS tractor and fallow tarps, and get a field planted and hopefully irrigated.

You are welcome to come early for a farm tour (the farm opens at 2pm), camp over at the farm  (including farming-focussed after-dinner hanging-out) or at Villanueva State Park a couple of miles away, and partake of the dinner and breakfast we’ll provide. 

Well-behaved dogs are OK at this field day : )

Read about cover crops on our blog

This field day is a collaboration between the Seeding Regenerative Agriculture Project and NM Healthy Soil.