The Ogallala aquifer is vital to sustaining life and agriculture in Eastern New Mexico—yet it is in dramatic decline with only 5 years of groundwater left by some estimates. Field day host Glenn Duff responds to this acute crisis by experimenting with forages that have lower water needs, and improving soil health for better water infiltration and aquifer recharge.

Join us to gain hands-on experience with soil health assessments and explore how planting diverse grasses and forages combined with managed grazing can create abundance in a low water environment. We will have the opportunity to work within three different pivot irrigation circles, identifying the benefits of each system in relation to species, ground cover and appropriate grazing. We hope to see you there!

To bring/wear:
• Sun protection, walking shoes
• Water bottle
• Folding chair

This field day is a collaboration between the New Mexico State Land Office, Seeding Regenerative Agriculture Project and NM Healthy Soil.

Photo credit Isaac Miller