Composting in Winter?

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Master Composter John Zarola shares his wisdom on how to keep microbes and worms happy and your compost going –even in cold temperatures.

Make soil!

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MakeSoil is a nonprofit online platform that matches ‘Soil Makers’ (people who compost)
with nearby ‘Soil Supporters’ (people who contribute scraps).

Johnson-Su Bioreactor

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Quickly restore soil with this low-cost method developed in New Mexico Dr. David Johnson (NMSU/CRA) has been doing breakthrough work in regards to the efficacy of biologically correct, fungal-dominated compost for carbon sequestration and improved soil health and crop yields. … Continued

How to apply the Healthy Soil Principles

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New Mexico’s Healthy Soil Act is based on five soil health principles: ­keeping the soil covered; minimizing external inputs and minimizing soil disturbance on cropland; maximizing biodiversity; maintaining a living root; and integrating animals into land management. Here are some … Continued