Happy Worms all Winter long!

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Pro tips on successful vermicomposting throughout the winter months from Sam McCarthy who has been raising and selling red worms in the Santa Fe area for over 20 years.

Make Compost, not Garbage

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On this Earth Day 2021, learn how to make great compost in a small space without investing a lot of work or money. Keep it simple. Keep it inexpensive. Make it rewarding, and even fun!

Make soil!

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MakeSoil is a nonprofit online platform that matches ‘Soil Makers’ (people who compost) with nearby ‘Soil Supporters’ (people who contribute scraps).

Johnson-Su Bioreactor

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Dr. Johnson has been doing breakthrough work in regards to the efficacy of biologically diverse, fungal-dominated compost for carbon sequestration and improved soil health and crop yields. The composting system he devised with his wife Hui-Chun Su is called the Johnson-Su Bioreactor.

Composting in Winter?

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Master Composter John Zarola shares his wisdom on how to keep microbes and worms happy and your compost going –even in cold temperatures.