Soil Health in the Southwest

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New video series from USDA/NRCS released:

How does soil health apply in the Southwest? Three examples from Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico show how soil health works on a grand scale.

Access the Playlist: Soil Health in the Southwest to watch the whole series!

Rudy Garcia, NRCS West Regional Soil Health Specialist, introduces the series:

These producers understand the ecological principles of soil health, how to monitor and assess it, and most importantly, they understand that you have to see the whole picture.

Rudy Garcia

Rockey Farm, about 500 acres in commercial and seed potatoes close to Center, Colorado:
How to Increase Diversity; Cut Inputs and Increase Quality; Use a Probiotic Approach to Farming; Manage Aphids without Pesticides; Integrate Livestock without Owning Cattle; Promote Soil Health in Harsh Conditions; and Increase Carbon Cycling.

Having the diversity in plants and livestock is what holds this dynamic system together.

Benton Rockey

Brian Driscoll manages one the largest pecan orchards in the US in San Simon, Arizona:
How to Eliminate Weeds with Native Perennials; Increase Infiltration, Reduce Costs & Increase Quality; and Embrace a Mentality Change.

The old mentality doesn’t work!
You keep encountering
the same problem.

Brian Driscoll

Lescombes Family Vineyards, a 200-acre vineyard, is located 47 miles west of Deming, New Mexico:
A Personal Journey into Soil Health.

There’s more life underground than above ground, but –you can’t see it!


Access the Playlist: Soil Health in the Southwest to watch the whole series on Youtube!

  1. Sylvia Ernestina

    Dear Healthy Soil Members,
    Was so happy to see this short soil documentary and am encouraged. Thank you and I look forward to more.
    Sylvia Ernestina Vergara

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