Crisis and Resiliency: Resources for Eaters

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In the current crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic, our global interdependency and at the same time, the importance of resilient, local food systems has become very clear. Immense gratitude to our state’s farmers and ranchers who continue to serve our communities. Here are a few ways to show compassion and support each other.


New Mexico farmers and ranchers have lost critical outlets for their produce due to the COVID crisis. Buying local not only supports them, but also gives you access to the safest and most nutritious food available. Consider the following options –and make them a healthy habit that lasts!

  • Buy at local stores. Seek out products that are sourced in state and produced responsibly. For example, purchase meat from Sweet Grass Cooperative, comprised of family-owned ranches in New Mexico and Colorado that raise beef in a humane manner that is good for the land. Look for their meat at select local stores, including La Montañita Coop.
  • Join a local CSA –Community Supported Agriculture. Your investment helps farmers have the cash they need to get started in the springtime. In turn, you will regularly receive a box of fresh, local produce. There are different ways to sign up and some CSAs offer flexibility in what you can order –check out this statewide listing of local CSAs to find a CSA that’s right for you.
  • Buy from farmers and ranchers directly. Many innovative direct-marketing solutions are occurring all over the state, including drive-by pick-ups, pop-up farmstands and home delivery options. To find out what your favorite purveyor is offering, contact them directly, follow them on social media (facebook or instagram) or join their mailing list!

    Here are just a few examples –this is by no means a comprehensive list:
    • Order online with Desert Spoon Food Hub to pick up a Weekly Farm Box or arrange for Home Delivery. Serving the El Paso and Las Cruces area.
    • Beck & Bulow, based in Santa Fe, offers local bison, elk, boar and lamb shipped to your door wherever you are. Visit their website for more info and ordering options.⁣

Where To Find Local Provisions

Edible NM put together a comprehensive, searchable statewide database with restaurants, coffee shops, farms, and other businesses offering take-out, family-style meals, curbside pickup, delivery options, and gift cards. Check back often for updates.

The AgriGate is a regional platform to connect food producers to food buyers in Santa Fe County. Search the Food Community Map for a CSA near you or the products you want to buy and be directly connected to the purveyor. There’s also an extensive statewide list of organizations providing food access and other critical resources.

Food Banks need Your Support

While farmers have trouble selling product, others in our state go hungry. With unemployment sky-rocketing, many more people are frequenting food banks, who are in urgent need of donations and volunteers. If you are healthy and able to, please consider a gift of time, food or funds to the food bank serving your county!

Find your local foodbank at

Our tribal communities are hardest hit by COVID and need your support! Donate to support relief efforts:

To help provide emergency relief—a team of funders and community leaders have joined forces to raise $3 million for COVID-19 relief for Navajo, Apache and Pueblo Nations in New Mexico.
Go to New Mexico Community Foundation website to donate

Notah Begay III (NB3) Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund
Over the next several weeks, this COVID-19 Response Fund will directly support families and children living within the Navajo Nation, New Mexico and tribes in South Dakota.
Go to NB3 website to donate

Grow a Garden –Grow Healthy Soil

Rodale Institute Gardening and Outdoor Resources for Kids

How to plant a Climate Victory Garden

Take care of Your Health

Fresh, local, healthy food is our best medicine: 
Watch Dr. Christine Jone’s presentation on soil health –the basis for plant, animal & human health
Regenerative Ag Day 2020 in Santa Fe

Information about Coronavirus in New Mexico

Coronavirus Disease in New Mexico: NM Department of Health

Information For New Mexicans Experiencing Financial Hardship

NM Food & Agriculture Policy’s new website lists national, local and tribal recovery resources for New Mexicans

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  1. Lucy

    Thank you so much for this great list of resources! I wanted to also extend the AgriGate of Santa Fe County as another way to get local food. The AgriGate is a regional platform to connect food producers to food buyers. Through our searchable Food Community Map, you can search for the products you want to buy (or CSAs if you want to connect with a service provider) and an icon will show you where to find them and also give you the contact information. We hope this helps both our local food providers and all the community seeking food at the moment!

    • admin

      Thank you, Lucy! You’re so right, AgriGate is a great project and very timely right now. Wish we had a database like this for the whole state!

  2. Herbert Zahne

    Thank you all for inviting me to join you Healthy soil group and very excited about learning more about soil.What it means to understand the language of plants and how we fit into ecosystem, biodiversity,and the power of place.

    • admin

      We have much to learn from you, too, Herbert! Glad to have your wisdom and participation.

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