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Help advocate for resources supporting farmers and ranchers in transitioning to more resilient management approaches: HB 89  The Healthy Soil Program Tax Refund Contribution Option is a way to provide additional funds for the NM Healthy Soil Program administered by NMDA.

April 6, 2021
Governor Lujan Grisham signed HB 89 “the Healthy Soil Tax Refund Contribution Option” which means it is now officially enacted into law! Now any New Mexico tax paying resident who qualifies for a refund on their personal income tax return can voluntarily donate all or part of their refund to the Healthy Soil Program administered by the New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA).

Thank you for all your amazing help during this legislative session!! The exceptional bipartisan support the bill has received is a testament to the vital importance of soil health and the broad grassroots support exhibited by all of you!

With much appreciation,
NM Healthy Soil Working Group

Bill history:

March 16: HB 89 passes almost UNANIMOUSLY on the Senate floor! The lone dissenting vote was recorded from Senator Ivy-Soto (D).

March 8: HB 89 passed unanimously in Senate Tax, Business & Transportation Committee!

March 2nd, 2021: HB89, Healthy Soil Tax Refund Contribution Option was given an enthusiasm, given an enthusiastic, unanimous “do pass” from by the Senate Conservation Committee!

February 12, 2021: HB 89 passed unanimously on the House floor!

February 8, 2021: HB 89 passed unanimously during the Taxation & Revenue Committee hearing! Your emails, phone calls and public comments are making a real difference! You can watch the recording of the hearing (starting at 11:28am).

February 2nd, 2021: HB 89 passed unanimously during the Agriculture & Water Resources Committee hearing! You can watch the recording here, starting at 9:40AM. THANK YOU to all who emailed, made phone calls and gave public comment! It was especially heartening to witness such strong support from New Mexico’s farmers and ranchers –keep up this critical advocacy!

→ More info about HB 89 and NMDA’s Healthy Soil Program

→ Read the introduced bill
HB 89 Healthy Soil Tax Refund Contribution Option
Sponsors: Representatives Jack Chatfield, Christine Chandler, Nathan Small, Gail Armstrong and Melanie Stansbury

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