Use the LandPKS app to learn about your soil

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5 minute tutorial, part 1 of a new LandPKS Video Series

LandPKS is a free app, developed right here in New Mexico at the Jornada Experimental Range and NMSU, with an international team of researchers and students.

Download the app on Android and iPhones and use LandPKS to better understand the land around where you live or farm, keep records, and monitor changes in soil health and vegetation. Follow along with this short tutorial on how to use the LandPKS mobile app to identify your soil and learn about its characteristics.

This first video in the Land PKS Video Series explains why soils are important and how to use LandPKS to identify your soil texture. The video also demonstrates how to find out what types of soil are near your location or a location anywhere in the world. Stay tuned for more videos!

LandPKS creates a system for sharing data, information and knowledge. You can choose to enter the data that you input in a cloud-based global database. A Soil Health Module currently under development could become a very important tool as we’re striving to create a soil health baseline in New Mexico.

Learn more about LandPKS

Three Lesson Module: Using LandPKS to Share Data, Information, and Knowledge for Students aged 10 – 14.

USDA-NRCS rangeland scientist Emilio Carrillo uses the LandPKS mobile app on his smartphone. (Photo courtesy of ARS.)

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