Healthy Soil: Our Future

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December 5 is World Soil Day! Watch our newly released YouTube Video about New Mexico’s healthy soil movement.

Participants and presenters at the 2019 Soil Health Academy workshop in Los Lunas talk about the future of soil health and regenerative agriculture in New Mexico:

  • The soil health movement starts from the bottom up. When you get the people and the communities to say: “We want this!”
    Ray Archuleta, Soil Health Academy
  • Looking forward to the future, we have a lot to gain in building soil health –community resilience, economic development and opportunity, health and wellness.
    Valerie Smith, La Montañita Coop
  • It has to become a common theme, where everyone says we want nutrient dense foods, we want locally grown products, we want to influence the local communities –and then participate at farmers’ markets, grow your own foods, barter, trade and make it the way it used to be.
    Rudy Garcia, NRCS Soil Health Division
  • I know that academia and science has been a big part of moving the regenerative concepts and technologies forward, but our Indigenous people here in the New World have done it for eons
    James Skeet, Covenant Pathways
  • The important thing is that all facets of society are brought together. Let’s bring those people that are concerned about climate change, those people who are concerned about water, people who are concerned about human health –let’s bring them all together for a common good!
    Gabe Brown, Brown’s Ranch & Soil Health Academy

Camera Rory Sopoci-Belknap, additional camera & editing Isabelle Jenniches. Music by Oak and Cherry. Many thanks to the Soil Health Academy, Las Villitas and Tesuque Pueblo Farms and all interviewees!

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